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Eggshell Hardner
Advantages and Benefits  
A hardner eggshell.
It reduces the uterine broken eggs(Body checks eggs).
It reduces the cracked and broken eggs in farms and processing plants.
It extends the laying periods.
It improves the albumen consistency, Increase of the haugh units.
It improves the fertility and viability of fertile eggs.
Way of Action  
  The high levels of calcium in the layer diet can affect the absorption of minerals. Other factors that can increase the amount of cracked and broken eggs are hot temperature and the age of the layers.
Among other components,Egg Plus includes chelated zinc,manganese and minerals so essential in the process of the eggshell formation.
  It improves the bio-availability of calcium.
It helps to maintain a correct electrolytic balance in bloodstream.
It contributes with the essential vitamina such as vitamin D3 and C,in the process of the formation of the egg shell.
  Indicated for layers from 22nd week until the end of their productive life.
during periods of high temperature or when it it interesting to reduce the breakage level.
  Disodic carbonate - 400gm
Calcium silica  - 100gm
Vitamin D3    - 1200000 IU
Vitamin C     - 25gm
Potassium Iodinate- 3gm
Magnesium Oxide  - 30gm
Manganese quelated - 30gm
Zinc quelated    - 10gm
Natural silica as excipient till - 1000gm
  Mixed up to 1-2kg/Mt of feed during high temperature periods.
It can be used continuously if necessary.
  Store in a cool and dry place.
Packing 25kg per bag.