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All Purpose Pellet Binder
         It is an honoured product contributed by Hangzhou De Mark Industrial Co Ltd.
Brief Manufacturer ISO9002 certified
Magicoh is a binding agent developed specially for use in poultry and animal feeds. It is supplied as a free flowing powder. Magicoh liquefies in the pelleting or extrusing process and upon cooling,produces a hard water resistant feed.
Composition and Presentation  
  Ingredients: Polymethylolcarbamide 98.0% min
  1. Used as binding aid for reducing dust and improve hardness of pellet feed for opoultry and cattle.

2. Used as binding aid for reducing dust and improving water resistance of granula fertilizer,insecticides and molluscicides.
Tests on animal feed using Magicoh (tm) HJ-1 Premix as a binder have proved that:

It improves pellet hydrostability.
It reduce dust and feed loss.
It reduce trucking and storage cost.
It works effectively for all aquatic environments.
Low inclusion,save cost.
Long shelf life up to 12 months.
Recommended dosage  
  Animal feed ----- 1 to 2 kg/Mt of feed
Poultry feed ---- 1 to 2 kg/Mt of feed
Direction for Use  
Add Magicoh directly into feed mixer at recommende rate. Mix completely with other ingredients and then process with normal pelleting and extrusion operations.

To store finished pellets or granule (cooling) for 24-72 hours can increase the binding performance.
  Store in a cool and dry place.
Excessive heat and moisture may cause caking.
Packing 2kg*10packs per bag.
net weight 20kg in PP-kraft bags.