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Mycotoxin Binder

Prevention of mycotoxicosis produced by the use of feed polluted with
mycotoxin (in all kind of animals)
Treatment and prevention of enteric disorders and/or diarrhoeas generated
by feed polluted with mycotoxin.
It improves the intestinal function regulating the ionic equilibrium and correcting the enteric disorders derived from an ionic disorders.
Use and Dosage  
  Use it in the doses related to the balanced feed depenting on the temperature,humidity and storage conditions.
Confirmed cases of animals with enteritis or mycotoxicosis: 5kg/Mt of CITOX during 5-7 days.
Balanced feed with a normal risk (proper temperature,humidity and storage time):1kg/Mt
High risk or in unfavorable conditions: 2.5kg/Mt of feed.
Add CITOX as mould inhibitor and bactericide in balanced feed.
  Hydrated sodium-calcium aluminosilicate
  Its special alveolar structure allows it to go to the gastrointestinal tract binding the mycotoxins and preventing enteritis.
Its bipolar type assures a high percentage of mycotoxin binding.
The proper size of the particles assures an ideal dispersion of the binder in the entire digestive tract and guarantees a maximum surface of contact with the mycotoxin.
Results Guarantee  
  Binding percentage with CITOX of the different mycotoxins with concentrations and physlogic pH of the digestive system of the animal (pullets) certified by the cereal investigation laboratory.
Mycotoxin % binding cap. Mycotoxin % binding cap.
Ocratoxin 96% Toxin T2 85%
Aflatoxin B1 99% Vomitoxin 94%
Aflatoxin M1 88% Citrinine 92%
Fumitoxin 89% Zearalenone 73%
  Store in a cool and dry place.
  Keep away from sunlight.
Packing 25kg per bag.