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Bacterial and Mould Control
It is indicated for the effective control of bacteria,moulds and yeasts in poultry feed,fishmeal and meat/bone meal.
  Bactericide effect agaist bacteria gram - (such as E.Coli,Salmonella,etc) and gram +.
  The use of mix of acids and their salts supply a wide action spectrem (Universidad Politecnica,Nov.1999)
  Use: As an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chicken caused by Eimeria acervulina,E.brunetti, E.maxima, E.mitis, E.necatrix and E.tenella.
Anti-coccidiosis for prevention against coccidiosis in chicken,duck,quail, turkey, goose and rabbit.
  Shuttle Usage: In raising chicken for one year: the first year,one drug is used and the second half,another is used. Using the above two methods,there is only slow or no resistance.
  Propionic acid       7.0%
Formic Acid        22.5%
Ammonium propionate    15.0%
Ammonium formate      27.0%
Sepiolite (as carrier)   28.5%
Form of Use/Dosage  
  Broiler feed:    1-2kg/Mt
Layer feed:     1-2kg/Mt
Breeders feed:    2-3kg/Mt
Fish meal:      2-3kg/Mt
       acorindg to their conditions
Store in a fresh and dry place.
  Keep away from sunlight.
Packing 25kg per bag.